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Nurture Club
Nurture Club

Space Clubs


What Is It?

 Space Club is a newly emerged concept out of Space Camp.  Its objective is to sustain the long term  interest of the students in Space. Carefully chosen students who excelled in Space Camp will form part of it.  They will be hand held, developed, nurtured and groomed for a period of one year with constant interactive processes of various kinds with several experts in Outer Space.  May be, few of these students might ultimately pursue education in the area of outer space and may even chose a career in Space.

The Space Club is a club that promotes science. A bunch of you and a bunch of us meet up for a few days, and together, we take a look at the world of astrophysics. It couldn’t hurt that it also tells you how certain subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) factor into real-world astrophysics.

Throw in a bit of geography and some history, and you have a winner.

The point is not to make you an astronaut or place you on a fast track to a job in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) or NASA although there might be some help there too. The point is to give you an experience of a lifetime that could also provide you a set of like-minded friends and mentors who could help you throughout your life.

Here is what our students have to say about the camp (link to testimonials)

Science/Math/Geo? Ugh!!!

Ah! Don’t be put off by the words science, math and geography. Yes, you study these in school and spend a lot of your time cramming these for examinations. And yes, it is unfair to expect you to spend your holidays studying too! We are not asking you to study. We are asking you to experience.

Tell you what. Go outside. Take a walk. What do you see? What do you hear? Look up. Can you see something there (other than a tree top or an awning)? What gives the plants nourishment? Oh, you know about photosynthesis? Then, tell us this, can all stars contribute to photosynthesis or is that a unique attribute of Sun? You know our Earth is a planet in the solar system. Does all stars have planets? Does all planets have plants? Can all planets have plants? Is there a cloud cover? Does that mean it will rain? How does the weather reports know days in advance when the monsoon is going to hit us?

Or, take a look at your mobile; or, switch on the TV. Where do the signals that allow you to talk to your best friends or watch your favourite shows come from? Broadcasting from places as far as Mumbai or New Delhi, how does that work?

Leave these questions if they don’t interest you. You can live without knowing all that. Think about a basic necessity like water. Did you know that by 2030, major portions of the world will be experiencing water scarcity? Does that mean you can move to somewhere else? To moon perhaps? Or Mars? Are we capable of that?

The Space Camp takes you through subjects as varied as satellites, interstellar travel, the significance of moon, India’s contribution to space exploration, and the importance of Sun. You will find answers to your questions here or pointers to where you can find the answers.

Try it… It’ll be fun!

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