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Nurture Club
Nurture Club

Space Camps Till Now

Tell me what you have done so far!

Hmm… you want to know if we have the relevant experience or not? Excellent. You do have the scientific spirit of enquiry! Not that we doubted it for one moment; considering you are here and all. 

Right! So, here is what happened in 2014 (our first space camp) and 2015.

2014: Someone Somewhere Has an Idea

2013-2014 was the time when great things were being accomplished in Indian Space Exploration. India had just sent out a Mars Probe, Mangalyaan, and due to its success, earlier missions such as Chandrayaan-I were in the news. What more, there was talk of Chandrayaan-II.

Ms. Swapna Nair and Mr. Basant Nair had an idea. “In this climate, why not introduce the incredible world of Space Exploration to 14-16 year olds? What better time to acquaint students with space exploration and its theoretical basis?”

They brainstormed the idea with their friends, some of them renowned ISRO scientists, and then got together a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts.

And the Space Club was born…

In May 2014, they conducted the first 10-day space camp. A series of lectures and talks, some exploration of space centres, and a whole lot of fun times with experienced scientists later, our participants were enthusiastic and completely willing to keep up the momentum

Result: We got a huge demand for another space camp. We were going to continue anyways, so all was well.

2015: A Repeat

In April 2015, we conducted our second space camp. Needless to say, our participants had fun

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