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Nurture Club
Nurture Club

About Space Camp

Space Camp is organised by Cindrebay Nurtuere. We are are an educational enterprise based out of Bangalore, India and is 

Why Nurture Club?

If you probe into the question of what it takes to make a great career, at the core lies this one simple answer – great skills. Cracking the code to be a master of one skill that matters is the point from which a great career takes off. Personality, leadership style, managerial efficiency – all are important, but all these fall flat if skill is lacking. Cindrebay Nurture is about making youngsters skilled in unique and valuable career streams. When every other youngster is becoming an engineer and then an MBA in this country, we have loads of talent that gets shunned into the background. Cindrebay Nurture is about finding and nurturing these unique talent streams and help build great careers.

We began our journey in Nurture by organizing camps for students who are mesmerised by the space. We brought together space scientists, astro-physicists and astronomers to unravel the vast world of space for those keen minds. We are sure that we will see many of them breaking away from the conventional career paths to become astronauts and space scientists.

The next stream that we are keen to nurture are - Coding and Programming SKills. Speech and Debate Skills, Reading Clubs for Junior Students, Design Club for aspiring deigners and architects.

Like the above mentioned few ones, Cindrebay Nurture is exploring many more arenas where we can channelize the creative talents of our youngsters. We believe in nurturing the innate talents of each individual and respecting their different choices. We look forward to your support in our endeavours.

Stay Tuned!

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