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Did rockets ever amaze you?
Comets caught you in awe?
Got curious about extra-terrestrials?

What is space Camp? We let you get behind the telescope, find the secrets of space!

The Space Camp Project aims to nurture the curiosity of every child about the Outer Space and its vast mysteries. It is designed to arouse their interest and make them explore, learn and understand further about Space, with the help of experts in Space Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Technology. The Space Camp programmes aim to use the Space and Space Research as a means to help students and teachers understand the importance and applicability of the science they study at school and college levels. Learning and knowledge sharing in Space broadly cover - Astronomy, Astrophysics, Aerospace and  Planetary Exploration.

At the Camp you will Explore
The Mysteries of Space - Astronomy, Astrobiology & Astrophysics The World of Space - The mysteries unravelled and discoveries that made a difference. The history of Space Research
A Profession beyond Passion - How to Enter Space Research The exciting world of Space Research. How to get there. The careers and research options that you can look for
More than Just Curiosity - The Benefits of Space to Humankind Harnessing Space for our benefits - Why Space is so important to be pursued for resources for our next generation
Student Testimonials
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